Congratulations to the Cottonwood Community Library
The Prairie Horizons Steering Committee wants to congratulate the Cottonwood Community Library for the wonderful changes done in the library.  The people of the Camas Prairie will certainly benefit from its renovations.  Many thanks to Jennifer and Terry Cochran, Lauren Nightingale, Donna Wassmuth, and all the other volunteers who helped to make this library project a reality.  
The Steering Committee also wants to thank Chinh Le and Shelli Schumacher for the tremendous amount of work they did these last two years in personally helping complete all the renovations in the Community Center.  Without their dedication and late night work, this would not have been accomplished.  The dedication shown by these outstanding women and the members of the Library Committee have truly given our community a boost when it comes to the overall improvements both upstairs and downstairs at the Cottonwood Community Hall.  
The co-chairs of the Prairie Horizons Steering Committee would like to announce that our group will wait until September before meeting again.  This year we are not planning any summer programs or events.  
When we resume meeting in September we will go ahead with planning and trying to get more organizers together to work on the second project the people of the prairie said was important to them.  That is the possibility of building an Assisted Living Center in our immediate area.  We really need more participation from the community in order to make this project a reality.  The turnout we had for the March meeting is a good start, and additional people to help organize this vision are a must.  As a community, each person needs to be thinking and acting upon, “How can I help this dream to come true?”  We will announce in the paper when the September meeting will be held and hope that you will step forward to help with the Assisted Living Center.      

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