Community Hall update
The basement entrance is now complete, with awning and lights, gone are the days of going down the dark steep stairwell.  Wimer Machine built and installed the railing which really added a finishing touch to the entrance.  At the libraryís open house some of you were able to see how the access lift works, but if you didnít get a chance to try it stop any time and Carol will show you how it works.
This week I was able to see a rough draft of the memorial plaque that will be hung in the Community hall.  Jerry Richardson will build the tree and it will have engraved maple leaves in three different sizes according to the donation amount.  For the memorial portion there will be a bucket at the bottom of the tree where the maple syrup drains that will have the in memory names engraved. This will be a nice piece of art that I hope everyone will enjoy.   
The community continues to give to this project and here is an updated list of donors, Bob Daley very generously gave his time to put new base moldings in both the upstairs and the downstairs. Riener Concrete gave $400., Fred Arnzen gave an additional $150.00 to get to the $250.00 point, Nick Forsmann and Merna Gehring both gave $200.00, Marilyn Becker gave $250.00, Bart & Lorraine Nuxolls gave $100., Tim & Beth Forsmann gave an additional $150.00 so they are now at the $250.00 limit, Gem Builders gave us a discount on all of the supplies purchased, way exceeding the $250.00 mark , Ryan Gehring donated time to put outlets in the main hall area so now we have grounded outlets, Pacific Cabinets gave a huge discount on the cabinets  as well as donated time and supplies for the new Kitchen cabinets, Hoene Hardware gave a donation in the flooring cost, The Monastery of St Gertrude donated $600.00 toward new curtains in the hall. The Cottonwood Lions Club donated $750 toward new lighting.
We will be replacing the ceiling in the hall and changing out the lights while Avista is still giving incentives to help with the cost. There are still things that should be done to make the hall better, but some things will just have to wait for another year, but the changes that were made were the best use of the money. We clearly could not have purchased or built a new building with the same square footage and had a better outcome. The changes that were made helped to make this building more user friendly and we have already seen an increase in the hall use. 

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