Library awarded $1000 grant
The Prairie Community Library has received a grant in the amount of $1000.00 from the Northern Region Greatest Need Fund of the Idaho Community Foundation.  The purpose of the grant is to provide electronic research methods to library members and patrons through the installation of high-speed internet access and the purchase of computer equipment with printing capabilities.  
The library board is very excited about this much-needed grant, as it will expand the services we can offer to the community.  Several other suggestions for improvement, such as the possibility of joining Val Net, were received during the library open house and are being researched at this time.
The summer reading program went very well this year, with more children participating than ever before. The weekly sessions have now ended but there will be an ice cream party for the participants on July 22nd and presentation of prizes for achievement on August 5th.
The library board is pleased to welcome the many new patrons who have become library members recently.  There have also been many existing members who have renewed their memberships and we appreciate your continued patronage.  We do apologize for the inconveniences some of you may have experienced during the library remodel and reorganization.  There is so much going on at the library now that you should come in and see for yourself.  Or, better yet, join us as a volunteer or a board member and help the library provide even better service to our community! 

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