Street paving project hits snag
Lewiston Street in Cottonwood was ready to start paving last Friday when a possible problem with the asphalt caused the project to be shut down.
According to Cottonwood Street Commissioner Jack Duman the rock in the asphalt came into question as it came from a pit in Grangeville that has had problems with clay balls. Duman said the clay in the pit is hard and dry and crushes like rock but the problem is when its mixed into asphalt the clay tends to dissolve once rains hit the asphalt, which would weaken the surface.
He said Monday afternoon that they were hoping to change the specifications a little and haul out of Lewiston and get the project restarted on either Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. If they have to do anything else they are looking at a delay of at least a week or two as paperwork has to go through at the state level.
Duman said hes really hoping theyll go for the option to get paving done this week as hed like to see it get done before school starts.
If paving isnt being done by the time you read this article it will likely be early September before the project gets done.

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