Notes from City Hall
Hooray!  The reconstruction of Lewiston Street will be completed today!  There will be some minor items being completed throughout the week but the paving will be complete up to the intersection with Butler Street which is the end of the project.  This new smooth surface has been a long time coming-the original completion date was to be at the end of June-but one delay after another has pushed that date back to now.  Water under the bridge at this point but it has been a long summer for those who live along this street as well as those that must cross it in their normal day to day activity.  The City Council would like to graciously thank EVERYONE for their patience and understanding and hope you will value and appreciate this fine improvement.  Especially, thanks go to Jack Duman for all the time and effort he has put into this project and the dedication that made this become a reality.  There is no way a project of this size could have been done by the City without the financial support of ITD and we are glad to finally have this goat trail repaired.
And because it is so smooth, there will be a natural tendency to sail down it a little too fast-especially those who live and work on that end of town or use that route to reach the downtown area.  A reminder that the speed limit is still 25 MPH and 15 MPH through the school zone and heavy trucks are not allowed on it at all.  Letís do our best to remember those speed limits and keep the children returning to school safe.
Respectfully submitted,
Denis B. Duman, Mayor

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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