Brats & Brew fundraiser is Nov. 6
The date is Saturday, November 6. The event is the second annual Library Bräts and Brew fundraiser.
Last year’s event was truly a huge success with many delicious German foods along with the sausage and homemade beer.
This year we hope to have even more entries in food competition and an even larger variety of drinks, which will also include homemade wine. The library board will provide homemade sauerkraut and scalloped potatoes bt will no provide the bread, leaving that category open to competition.
The categories will include: Sausage, Breads, Desserts, Side Dish (salads, etc.), Beer and Wine.
If you are hunting for that special recipe, you may find it at the Library as there are several cookbooks available, so drop by and take a look. You may find just what you are looking for.
The Library has had a great year. We are enjoying the remodeling and extra space. The open house and After 5 event was well attended. We had a very successful summer reading program with over 70 children participating and several joined in the Fair Parade wearing costumes depicting their favorite book character. The yard sale was a success in that we were successful in disposing of purged books that had been in storage for some time. What was not sold or given away was picked up by the recycling program. As usual the cotton candy and snow cone booth at the fair was a huge success with only a few minor incidents.
The new computer is up and running and we hope to have Internet service for public use in the very near future.
Currently computers are available to off-line use for students needing this service for studies and homework.
The Bräts and Brew festival will bring a very busy and rewarding year to a close and the future looks very promising.
A sincere appreciation to the Cottonwood City Council, the people of Cottonwood and the surrounding area, for the interest and support you have shown the library.
We are open to suggestions that will help make the library more user friendly and welcome your input.
Remember, November 6 is the date for a fun-filled evening of delicious food, drink and entertainment.
Tickets will be available soon.

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