Local poster contest winners
In celebration of its upcoming One Year Anniversary and to commemorate National Recycling Month, Idaho County Recycling sponsored a poster contest. The contest was open to students in grades kindergarten through seniors in high school. Awards were given within these categories in each community: grades K-2, 3-5. 6-8, 9-12. 
The students were asked to design a poster promoting recycling and were encouraged to be as creative as they wished. The only requirements were a 12” x 18” size limitation and the use of the words, “Idaho County Recycling”, displayed somewhere on the poster. 
Many unique and creative entries were received from the vast majority of Idaho County schools. A special mention for Outstanding Participation goes to the schools in Cottonwood, with all levels participating in the contest. Their posters were well-researched, unique, and showed creativity and thought. 
All of the students who entered deserve praise for a job well done. The poster committee appreciate the students efforts both in the their artwork and in their recycling efforts. 
The local winners are: 
Prairie Elementary School: K-2: 1st prize: Wyatt Ross 2nd prize: Madison Shears 
Prairie Middle School: 3-5: 1st prize: Molly Schwartz, 2nd prize: Meagan Hohman  6-8: 1st prize: Chaye Uptmor, 2nd prize: (Tie) Terran Vanator & Haley Gortsema 
Prairie High School: 9-12: 1st prize: MaKayla Shaeffer , 2nd prize: Monica Lustig 
Special award for Educational Posters: Prairie Middle School: 1st prize: Emily, Morgan, Bryson, Jessica,   2nd prize: Beth, Whitney, Ali, Lucas 
All first place winners received a certificate and $5.00. The second place finishers earned a certificate and $1.00.  Idaho County Recycling would like to thank all those students who participated and to invite everyone to join us on Saturday, October 16th in Fenn, or Sunday, October 17th in Kooskia for a celebration of our First Anniversary as a recycling program in Idaho County. 

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