Basket fundraiser to benefit drug-free group
The Prairie High School Safe and Drug Free Group is holding their annual Basket Fundraiser on December 14th at the home boys basketball game against Lapwai. 
There are over 50 students who have signed pledges to stay substance free for this school year. The funds will go towards game nights for the student body and activities for the group. Activity nights were held this year after each home football game and the attendance was outstanding! There was on average 60 kids each night. One night there was 76 kids playing, eating and just hanging out. 
There are 20 gift baskets that are designed especially for you. Please support these students in their efforts of making good choices in their lives.
1. Spa day- gift certificates to pamper you
2. Purple Passion- Huckleberry Treats
3. I’ll do the dishes- Dish Rack and Dishes for 4
4. Oh baby- Baby Clothes and items
5. I-D-A-H-O-  Vandal Fan Basket
6. Mama Mia- Pasta Dishes and Treats
7. Sunday Breakfast- fixings for a delicious meal
8. Santa’s sleigh- Christmas Goodies
9. Hit the slopes-Cottonwood Ski Pass and treats
10. Here Fishy Fishy-Fishing goodies
11. Green Machine-John Deere items
12. Handy Man- toolbox filled with tools
13. Hit the Trail- western movies and treats/wooden box
14. South of the Border- chicken enchilada dinner for 6
15. Friday night- popcorn maker /children movies/treats
16. Cool treats- sundae dishes and fixings
17. Date Night- Applebee’s gift certificate
18. Picture This- Gift certificate with Renee Nuxoll and frames
19. Sweet Tooth- desserts for 6 months
20. Family night-games that the whole family can play
Tickets are available at Riener’s Grocery, Cottonwood Credit Union and Arnzen Drug. You may also call Colleen Sonnen and Laurie Workman advisors for the group or contact any SDFS student. 

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