From the Police Chief
Seems that our local vandals have struck again.  Some time between the evening of Tuesday, Oct. 26th and the morning of Saturday October 30th someone took cans of spray paint and took it upon themselves to paint graffiti on the back of the cabana in the city park.  Now, Iím not going to lower myself to their standards and state what was painted, but suffice it to say that most would have extremely upset parents if they had seen it.
There have been several incidents of vandalism at the park over the recent years, and as such Building and Lands Commissioner Shelli Schumacher has authorized Cottonwood Police to take what some would think of as rather drastic measures to attempt to prevent further vandalism.  We will begin installing security cameras to try to capture on film the subjects who decide to desecrate what so many folks have worked so hard to purchase, build and maintain for the betterment of the community.
I would also like to ask that anyone who has any information regarding this vandalism, or any other, to please feel free to call me.  I have heard that some folks do not want to call as they have been told the only way to prosecute someone is if the witness files charges against the culprit.  That is not quite true.  If you see someone doing vandalism, or any criminal event, we need you to help us catch the folks doing it, and often times the subjects never need to know whom it was that called.  In short, it takes everyone to work together to police the community, as I donít think any of us want to pay more taxes to hire more officers.
So, in closing, cameras will be going up in the park, and I need everyoneís assistance in watching town to ensure it stays the nice quiet community where everyone can trust each other as in past years.


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