4-H Achievement Awards given
By Lorie Palmer
Idaho County Free Press
Idaho County 4-H Achievement Awards were recently given to 10 local youth.
In the junior division Mitchel Nuxoll, JayCee Marek and Josie Turner were honored. In the intermediate division, awards were presented to Adrianne Nuxoll, Hunter Angeny, Tyrel Cullin and Holli Uhlorn. Rounding out awards in the senior division were Chrysann Lusich, Bailey Cullin and Megan Johnston.
According to Idaho County 4-H director Susie Heckman, during the year, club leaders keep track of all of the members activities, giving points for their participation. 
Club leaders submit their top point earners to the 4-H extension office at the end of the 4-H year, Heckman explained. The top point earners from all of the 4-H clubs in the county are given to the 4-H Program Council and the 4-H Achievement Award winners are selected.
Heckman said the purpose of the achievement award is to recognize 4-Hers who exemplify the goals of the Idaho County 4-H Program. Emphasis for the award includes overall achievement, leadership and citizenship. 
 Mitchel Nuxoll lives in Kooskia and is the son of Bruce and Marci Nuxoll. He has been a member of Valley Livestock and More for three years.
My favorite thing about 4-H is all the different activities the program offers like 4-H camp, day camp, and the fair, he said. They are fun because I get to work as a team, learn new things, show my animals and hang out with friends.
Through 4-H, Nuxoll said he has learned he likes to be a leader.  
By participating in club activities I have enjoyed working hard and being a positive role model, helping younger members with questions they have, and taking on more responsibility as a club officer, he said.
 JayCee Marek of White Bird is the daughter of Jim and Carrie Marek. She has been a member of the Salmon River 4-H Club for three years.
My favorite things about 4-H are getting to work with animals, going to fair and meeting new friends, Marek said.
She said she has learned a lot about animals such as giving shots, tubing sick animals and getting her animal ready for fair. 
I have also learned public speaking by giving demonstrations, she said.
 Josie Turner is the daughter of Joe and Teresa Turner of Kamiah and has completed her first year in the Tahoe Hillbillies 4-H Club.
My favorite thing about 4-H is that I can do things and learn new things with my friends. I have improved my sewing and scrapbooking skills and 4H gives me a good reason to work with my animals, Turner said. I have learned that being confident in yourself is a good thing. Ive also learned it is easy to talk in front of a group as long as you stay focused on what you are doing.
 Adrianne Nuxoll of Kooskia is the daughter of Bruce and Marci Nuxoll. She has been a member of Valley Livestock and More 4-H Club for five years.
My favorite thing about 4-H is all the learning opportunities it has provided me with from taking care of pigs and sheep, to cooking, going to Boise for Know Your Government, and learning new leadership skills through holding offices and attending trainings, she said. I learn something new with every 4-H activity I participate in.
While participating in 4-H, Nuxoll said she has learned that she can do anything if she puts her head to it and has confidence in herself.  
For example, I dont particularly like to talk in front of people but through 4-H I have gotten better at it by leading meetings as our club president, presenting at conferences, and performing demonstrations and illustrated talks in front of groups, she said.
 Hunter Angeny of Kooskia is the son of Roy and Julie Angeny. He has been a member of Tahoe Hillbillies 4-H Club for eight years.
My favorite thing about 4-H is how you can learn a large variety of different things to see if you like them, he said. Ive learned anything from how to show a market animal to how to bake yeast bread.
 Tyrel Cullin is the son of Todd and Heather Cullin of White Bird. He has have been in 4-H for five years in the Salmon River 4-H Club. 
Cullin has taken projects in lamb, steer, chickens, goats and bucket calf. 
My all-time favorite project is market steers, because I have them for a long time, and its fun to train them, Cullin said. My favorite thing about 4-H is being around good people and friends. I have learned a lot about myself, that I can be a responsible person, because my animals cant feed them self, I have to do it each morning and night.
 Holli Uhlorn of Cottonwood is the daughter of Darrel and Mary Uhlorn. She has been a member of the Indoor/Outdoor 4-H Club for seven years. 
My favorite thing about 4-H is meeting new people and making new friends, Uhlorn said. I also like finding out what the judges think of my project.
Uhlorn said she has learned that if she sets her mind to do something, she can get it done.  
I have also learned that I am responsible and love challenges, she added.
 Chrysann Lusich is the daughter of Michael and Melissa Lusich of Woodland. She has been a member of the Tahoe Hillbillies 4-H Club for three years.
I love the competition in 4-H, she said. At the fair I love showing animals, where I can be the best I can be and compete with other kids to see where I need to improve.
I have learned that I can work in difficult situations and get things done with no nonsense or fooling around, Lusich added. Ive learned that I am somewhat of a control freak and 4-H has helped me evaluate when I need to tone it down a bit.
 Bailey Cullin of White Bird is the daughter of Todd and Heather Cullin. She is a member of the Salmon River 4-H and Hold Your Horses 4-H clubs where she has participated for five years.
My favorite thing about 4-H is definitely the fair, she said. Its great to meet new people and see old friends too. Plus I love showing my steers.
I am a very outgoing person but believe it or not I was a shy child though, Cullin emphasized. 4-H has forced me to get over my confidence issues through leadership, demonstrations, and public speaking. I have also learned a lot of responsibility from my steers. They take a lot of time and dedication throughout the year.
 Megan Johnston is the daughter of John and Candace Johnston of Grangeville. She has been a member of This and That 4-H Club for seven years.
I love everything about 4-H, she said. I really enjoy working with the younger kids in our group and being a great role model for them.
Johnston said she is very proud of the fact that no matter how many projects I had or how challenging they were I completed them, handing in a final project that I was proud of.

4-H Achievement award winners are shown. Top from left are Adrianne Nuxoll, Bailie Cullin, Holli Uhlorn, Hunter Angeny and Jaycee Marek. 
Bottom from left are Chrysann Lusich, Josie Davis, Megan Johnson, Mitchell Nuxoll and Tyrell Cullin

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