Sonnens are on the mend
As many of you are aware, on December 18, Greg and Colleen Sonnen were in a car accident while on their way to Lewiston. Greg and Colleen were both admitted to St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Lewiston. 
Greg received surgery and treatment for his right foot and left elbow. On Monday, Jan. 3, he received another surgery. Everything is on the mend for him, and he will be fine. 
Colleen was transferred to Sacred Heart ICU in Spokane on Tuesday, December 21. As of Sunday, she is still there. She sustained serious injuries to her spine and brain, as well as her pelvis, spleen and sternum. Thankfully and miraculously, she is defying all odds. She underwent surgery for her spine and pelvis. Since then, she shows improvement every day. Just this past weekend she was taken off the respirator, is breathing on her own, and keeping order with everyone in her room. Go Mom! 
We would like to thank everyone for your continued support. If you have questions regarding ways to support the family, you can contact Sarah at Thank you for the cards, flowers, and the financial support with our hotel rooms and travel! You made it easier for us to get to Spokane and be with our parents. May the New Year bring many blessings to all of you. 
Sarah, Mary, Carolyn and Family

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