Prairie ROCKS! update
Enthusiasm for Christ and the Church is the perfect description for our most recent Prairie ROCKS speaker.  David Hamm joined the Catholic Church just 3 short years ago and is absolutely on fire with a desire to share Christ with others.  
He described a few of his life experiences that have been very difficult in the past.  David explained that after joining the Church, he is now able to rely on the strength of God to pull him through, rather than to think he has to go it alone.
David told the class that sponsors have made it possible for him to be involved in two mission trips in the last year.  Both trips were extremely rewarding experiences and he highly encouraged the students to go on a mission trip themselves.
On the Tuesday following Davidís visit to the class, the students talked about being enthusiastic, bold, and dynamic Catholics.  We also continued our discussion from a few weeks ago about the fact that the Church calls each person to holiness.  In addition, we had some fun describing miracles we had seen or experienced in our own lives.

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