AmeriGas supports schools
AmeriGas School Days program allows schools to earn up to $2000 dollars for any need including: books, computers and sports equipment.  Schools collect propane receipts from local businesses and consumers who use AmeriGas propane.  They then submit receipts to AmeriGas and earn 2cents on every gallon.  The project runs from September 2010 to September 2011.
Prairie High School has taken on this project for the activities account to be used wherever money is short.  Many consumers and businesses were contacted by phone and we have received many receipts already, however we know we have missed many consumers/businesses.  If you are an AmeriGas customer, would you send copies of your receipts showing number of gallons purchased to the Prairie High school, P.O. Box 540, Cottonwood Attn: Judy Forsman or you could drop your receipts off at any of the schools.   If you have questions, please call Judy at 962-3901 or 962-3521.
Thank you to those who are sending in their receipts regularly.  We really appreciate your support.  We are trying to reach that $2000 limit.

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