Chemistry show is a big hit
Darbie Duclos and her Chemistry students impressed the audience with experiments.  A family Chemistry show was held on February 23 to show the audience how Chemistry plays a big role in our lives.  Darbie explained how chemicals combine with certain agents to form reactions.  She asked the audience what they thought would happen when a balloon was placed in liquid nitrogen.  How do you make bubbles float or make a dry ice rainbow?  Many demonstrations were performed, and last but definately not least, they gave a toast to Chemistry with a glowing display of chemiluminscence.
Students for the Mini Shows: Shelby Duman, Garrett Workman, Silas Whitely, Sheri Schumacher, Seth Guyer, and DJ Walker.
Students for the Evening Show: Meaghan Bruner, Kayla Johnson, Sheri Schumacher, Megan Sigler, Garrett Workman, and Josh Zigler.

The chemistry demonstration group for the public show: From left are Garrett Workman, Josh Zigler, teacher Darbie Duclos, Kayla Johnson, Sheri Schumacher, Megan Sigler and Meaghan Bruner.

Making a “Crystal Ball,” basically a soap bubble from dry ice. You can see the bubble crowning from the bucket. From left are Sheri Schumacher, Kayla Johnson, Megan Sigler and Garrett Workman. Photos provided by Darbie Duclos.

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