Scouts learn about bridges
The Webelos Scouts of Pack 638 each share what they learned in a field trip Feb. 22.

By Hunter Chaffee
2nd Year Webelos 
The Webelos Scouts of Pack 638 went on a field trip down to Graves Creek/Salmon River for our Engineering Pin. We learned about the signs at the end of a bridge. And it meant that when the black lines are slashed in that is the flow of traffic. The first bridge you come to was an old railroad and then they stuck asphalt over the bridge. Have you ever noticed the big bridge down at the Salmon River is higher in the middle so the water can drain off? There are cup size holes on the bridge to help the water drain. Thank you Chuck Lacer for helping us learn about engineering.

By Anthony Karel
In Boys Scouts on February 22nd I learned that wooden bridges last longer than concrete bridges. That you need wings on bridges because it helps dirt stay in one place. That if you make a long bridge you have to make it into a couple of pieces. That plank bridges need a cable in the back so it doesnít collapse in the middle.

By Carson Schmidt
Are bridges important? Yes because we have to get from point A to point B. The longest bridge is Golden Gate Bridge. A bridge is a good thing.
On February 22, the Webelos learned about bridges by taking a tour of a bridge at Graves Creek. Chuck Lacer showed the scouts plans on how to make a bridge. The scouts are working on their engineer requirements badge.

By Jared Coppernoll
On February 22, Shari, Hunter, Anthony, Carson and I went to Rogerís house and met Chuck. Chuck is a Civil Engineer. We split up and headed to the river. We saw 5 bridges and they were all different. Civil Engineering is awesome!

Chuck Lacer talks to the Webelos Scouts about bridges as they work to earn their engineering badges. Photo by Shari Chaffee.

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