Prairie ROCKS! update
Superintendent Rene Forsmann was the guest speaker for Prairie ROCKS class this week.  We received the most recent update on the progress of preparing all three school buildings for the move into just two buildings set for this summer.  The students had many of their questions answered.
Mrs. Forsmann provided the perfect example for the students to learn more about the virtue of great interpersonal skills, such as eye contact, interest in the other person, pleasant tone of voice and facial expressions.  We played a fun game to help us practice these skills.
One of our best points of discussion from Mrs. Forsmann’s visit to the class was her response when she was called to invite her to join us as a speaker.  She did not hesitate to say “Yes.”  This answer was followed quickly by the question, “What do I need to do?!”  The point being that Mrs. Forsmann showed her willingness to participate in any endeavor that is meant to teach our youth, even though it took her a bit out of her comfort zone to talk about herself.  
We look forward to next Monday, March 21,  when Jim Rehder stops in to talk with the students.  All community members are welcome to attend at 8:20 or 9:20.


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