Prairie ROCKS! update
A big thank you goes out to Jim Rehder for visiting the Prairie ROCKS classroom this week.  Jim had a lot of great advice for the students based on his own life experiences.  He told the students, “There are two things you can control in life: 1) Your thoughts and 2) your actions.”  He continued on by encouraging the students to set goals for themselves in order to minimize mistakes and maximize successes.  Other great pieces of advice for the students were:
To never get comfortable.  
Do not be satisfied with the status quo. 
Do not remain stagnant.  
Our faith journey is dynamic and ever-changing.  
Thrive on positive energy and avoid negative energy.
These ideas that Jim passed along to the students fit together so well with challenging ourselves during this Lenten season to become the best version of ourselves.  In class on Tuesday we read the bible stories of the Samaritan woman at the well (who had to face the truth about her sinful lifestyle), the Rich young man (who could not let go of his possessions), and of the disciples deserting Jesus during his passion (they would have to give up the idea of popularity if they stood by his side.)  The students took time to review their own Lenten sacrifices and to ask themselves how they are doing.
Following our return from Spring Break, we look forward to Debbie Chicane joining us to talk about her faith journey.


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