Museum reopens after renovation
Thanks to the generous cash award from the 2010 Sister Alfreda Elsensohn Award for Outstanding Service, the Historical Museum at St. Gertrude recently completed several renovation projects. Historical Museum Curator Sister Wendy Olin, Director Sam Couch, and  Museum Technician Shirley Gehring with new collection shelving.
The improvements include a new arrangement of bookcases and display tables in the lobby and office area, new ceramic tile floors in the restrooms and an improved security system with motion-activated cameras that will ensure the safety of the exhibits.  
The renovation team also installed a track system for moving artifact shelves, which frees up more workspace for curatorial activities. This will allow Curator Sr. Wendy Olin much more room and ease of access when working with the collection. 
Finally, the museum leadership team decided to take advantage of Avista's energy-saving incentives, upgrading the fluorescent light ballasts and installing new energy-saving lights. Participation in this program should create up to a 30% savings in lighting bills each year. 
Visitors are encouraged to come see these museum improvements and to experience Idaho history through our many exhibits. Hours: Tuesday-Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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