Prairie ROCKS! update
During class the students are often asked questions such as:
 “Who is somebody you really look up too?” or  “Who is a person that comes to mind when you think of the virtue of ______?” (add any virtue in the space provided) or “Who is somebody that you see as holy?”  Nine times out of ten, the students respond with the same answer:  Debbie Chicane.
Debbie, Youth Minister for the Tri-Parish, was the speaker at our Prairie ROCKS class on Monday.  She told the students a bit about her life as she was growing up.  This upbringing provided her with a rock solid foundation for building her enthusiasm for the Catholic faith as an adult.  Her deep love for Christ, the Church and our youth is evident in every word she speaks.  On Tuesday we tried to identify what exactly it is that prevents each of us from following Debbie’s extra-ordinary example of opening wide our hearts to Christ.  We also described times in our own lives when the holy Spirit was speaking to us through another person.
By the way, many of the students went straight to Debbie for a hug before leaving the classroom.  Perhaps the students experience the love of Christ through the words and actions of this amazing apostle! 

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