Local youths attend ICYC
By Kayla Johnson
On Friday, February 25th, Debbie Chicane took 13 kids and 5 chaperones to ICYC (Idaho Catholic Youth Convention). The kids boarded the bus along with kids from all around the area-Lewiston, Moscow, Orofino and Kamiah. They enjoyed meeting Santa Claus, who was their bus driver for the weekend. Unfortunately there were no reindeer leading the way.
The kids arrived at Boise eager to get off the bus to start the conference. The theme this year was “You were made for Greatness.” 
ICY officially started on Friday night. On the first night, the conference began with a little competition of A Minute to Win It. Each parish from around the state had a representative come down and compete in a challenge that they would have to finish in one minute. They also had a great band playing music, an illusionist performing tricks, and guest speakers telling the kids about their experiences with God.
The next day, the conference began with music and dancing. The kids really enjoyed dancing and singing along with other parishes. The kids also heard again from great speakers: Chris Stefanick and Sister Miriam James Heidland. The speakers told stories and experiences on marriage, relationships, life and faith. Stefanick, a comedian, explained what a good healthy marriage is like and about the pressures we face in relationships. Sister Heidland talked about her close relationship with God and showed the effects the media has on our choices in faith. As the conference continued, the kids were given a chance to attend confession during their lunch time. To lighten the mood, A Minute to Win It challenge continued after lunch for the parishes who won the previous night. After the competition, there was a special interview of Bishop Mike before going to dinner. To end the night, adoration followed dinner and the illusionist, Danny Ray, then shoed a few more tricks he had hiding up his sleeves for the grand finale.
On the final day, the kids attended church with the whole ICYC community with Bishop Mike as a special guest. After Mass, Chris Stefanick shared his last words with the ICYC kids and closed the conference. The kids then boarded the bus to head home. The bus was filled with laughter as the kids headed home with new friends, more experiences and a bigger faith.
I would greatly recommend anyone going to ICYC. All topics covered at ICYC are appropriate for both adults and teenagers. Also, I like seeing all the other kids from across the state to live out their faith. It showed me there are many kids like me who love God and love to praise Him. I left ICYC with a great experience, and I am considering going as a chaperone next year.

Attendees at the Idaho Catholic Youth Convention are front from left: Clark Bruno, Jared Higgins, Brendee Seubert, Sheri Schumacher and Debbie Chicane. Middle from left: Stephanie Duclos, Dakota Wilson, Devyn Leonard, Samantha Keating, Katherine Nida, Jessica Kaschmitter and Michaela Walsh. Back from left are Kevin Karel, Dan Karel, Kayla Johnson, Laudenor Neto, Lydia Lustig, Cassie Weightman, Jarrett Frei and Shawn Seubert. Not pictured are Steven Kinzer and Calista Karel.

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