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It was a busy week at the library preparing for the yard sale which brought nice results.  Books that had been in hiding in the store room for years were offered for sale.  Those left at the close of the sale will be sent to re-cycling next month.   A work crew from NICI spent Thursday helping with the heavy boxes and placing books on the tables along with cleaning the entries and picking up around the outside and also the inside of the library.  Those of you who donated articles for the sale or helped in various ways to make this event a success are very much appreciated.
Those of you who did not get a chance to view Linda Stubbers beautiful paintings will have to wonder what you missed.  Paintings by Peg (Mrs. Cletus) Uhlorn are now on display and a feature article will be forthcoming.  
Remember,  school is almost over and the summer reading program will be starting soon so be sure and sign you children up for this very exciting event.  Aleta Coppernoll has a been working hard on engaging people who have lived or traveled the world to be guests and share their experiences with the children which will enhance the theme of "Around the World".
The library has established an area where "like new books" will be for sale, so check while you are in the library.   The section of new arrivals is filling up fast so take a look there also.
This does not necessarily mean "hot off the press" but new to our library.
Again we are encouraging our patrons to let us know what you would like to see in the library and if there is a special book you would like, perhaps we can find it for you.
VP Steve Halligan will soon be ordering requested books so now is the time to share your requests. " Consumer Reports" and "Budget Travel"are periodicals that arrive monthly at the library.  Feel free to use them at your convenience.  Lots of helpful information there.
The library accepts any used cartridges that can be recycled.  Please just leave them at the library any time.
Congratulations to our graduates from Prairie and Summit.  Best of luck to all of you.
Please remember our soldiers past and present this Memorial day.  We owe our freedom to them.  

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