Eye exams can help detect diabetes
According to Dr. Jill Lane, Optometrist, over 17 million Americans have diabetes and six million do not know it. Dr. Jill Lane, Optometrist A dilated, comprehensive eye examination by an optometrist can detect and diagnose diabetes.  Dr Lane, Camas Prairie Eye Clinic, sees patients in the SMH Cottonwood Medical Clinic on Wednesday mornings, by appointment.
“Through a comprehensive dilated eye exam, I can look inside the eye and examine blood vessels directly, detecting signs and symptoms of vascular diseases such as diabetes and hypertension,” said Dr. Lane. “Undiagnosed, diabetes can result in vision impairment, a frequent complication of both Type-1 and Type-2 diabetes, and blindness.”
“For someone who has been diagnosed with diabetes, the annual dilated exam is important. When I do an examination, I’m looking at the retina for early signs of diabetic retinopathy, such as leaking blood vessels, retinal swelling (macular edema) and deposits on the retina – all of which are signs of leaking or damaged blood vessels,” said Dr. Lane.  She encourages people with diabetes to have a dilated eye examination on an annual basis or more often if you have existing eye issues or signs of retinopathy. 
Dr. Lane started seeing patients at SMH’s Cottonwood Clinic in November, 2010.  She also serves as the hospital based optometrist for Nimiipuu Health.  She was an associate optometrist at ClearView Eye Clinic in Moscow, Idaho and also worked through Klemp Optometry in Lewiston.  She received her doctorate degree in May, 2005 from Pacific University College of Optometry in Forest Grove, Oregon.  
Anyone who experiences any type of vision change, whether they have diabetes or not, should immediately see their optometrist, said Dr. Lane.  We work with other health care professionals to help manage and monitor the disease to minimize any long term effects.
To schedule an appointment with Dr. Lane in Cottonwood call the SMH Cottonwood Clinic, 962-3267.

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