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Because of a conflicting activity in the area on October 15, the Library Board has moved the Date of the Brats and Brew to Saturday, November 5th.  Please keep this date open and we promise an even bigger and better event than last year.  More on that in another article.
The Library was buzzing with activity all week long.  On Monday when the library was closed a group of volunteers met and began purging a section of outdated reference books as suggested by our consultants.  Tuesday and Thursday were spent removing them from the computer system. Our appreciation to those who so diligently worked on this project.
For those of you who requested Dog books, we now have three new arrivals that are on the shelf along with other new arrivals. Someone questioned the shelf displaying "new arrivals" that were published in the past.  As referred too previously, they are "new" to our library and perhaps complete a series that has been missing by a certain author. 
Also, to those of you who visited to view the paintings by the late Peg Uhlorn and found they had already been removed, we apologize for the inconvenience.  It was necessary to accommodate the summer reading program on Thursday.  Also a thank you to the lady, visiting family, that dropped in just to see what she had been hearing and reading in our news item.  Her comments were very encouraging. We are becoming more visible and of interest thanks to the Chronicle. 

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