Tri-Parish youth participate in Relay for Life
The Tri-Parish Catholic youth participated in the Relay for Life on July 15th and 16th.  The theme, “Seasons of Hope” challenged the youth to raise money in memory of people who have died of cancer as well as celebrate the lives of people who have survived the journey of cancer. 
The youth sported shirts that read, “ A walk for freedom”.  The red, white, and blue bandannas were worn as a symbol of solidarity with hope for people who wait in hope for a cure for cancer. Each youth was also given a pair of red and white and blue glasses that added to the theme and conveyed the message of hope and freedom for all who suffer and all who have suffered.  The spirit of these young heart was alive with care and concern as tents were set up, barbeques readied, costumes checked, fire pits prepared, laps taken, songs sung, dances practiced and sleep ignored.  (Yes, another night of taking extra vitamins and coffee! But well worth it!)
We have much to proud of in these young hearts.  They raised $1090.00 for cancer research. Two of the members on our team walked over 100 laps.  Beth Dinning walked 110 laps and Drew Cochran walked 217 laps.  It is so rewarding to know these kids are spending their weekend to raise money for a cause that affects so many lives and families.  In caring for each other we truly live out God’s call of service and love in our world.  So thank you to all who helped make this possible through your support, prayers, donations and love.  We may be small as one, but together we certainly make a difference, and may one day our difference change the world of cancer!

Shown is the Tri-Parish Youth Relay for Life team. Bottom Row: (Left to Right)- Anthony Karel, Amanda Dinning, Holli Uhlorn, Beth Dinning, John Mager, Garrett Workman. Middle Row: (Left to Right)-Katherine Nida, Jessica Kaschmitter, Silas Whitley, Lydia Lustig, Stacie Dinning Back Row: (Left to Right) Debbie Chicane, Calista Karel, Kayla Johnson, Tyler Workman, Andrea Kaschmitter, Alex Duman, Clark Bruno, Mike Karel, Drew Cochran, Kyle Uhlenkott. Not pictured: Sheri Schumacher, Steven Kinzer.

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