Stress Management classes offered
St. Mary’s Hospital and Clinics is partnering with Deanna English, RN, to offer an eight week series of classes on stress management.  Deanna English, RN, Integrative Health Coach, will be offering a series of 8 stress management classes in Cottonwood during September and October in conjunction with St. Mary’s Hospital.The classes will be offered at the Cottonwood Community Center on Wednesday evenings from 6:45 to 8:45 p.m. during September and October.  The series is based on the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program founded at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in 1979 which uses yoga, meditation, stretching and breathing exercises to reduce stress within the body.  It was originally designed to help people with chronic pain and illness better manage their symptoms.
“The classes are helpful to people who want to cope with the stress in their lives.  We cannot eliminate stressors, but we can learn to manage them so they don’t do lasting damage to our bodies,” said English.  “MBSR was originally created so people with chronic pain or illness could gain some control over their symptoms.  However, its uses have extended to include those who would like to lead more balanced lives.”
According to English, the classes promote an increased ability to relax, greater enthusiasm and energy and improved ability to cope with short and long term stressful situations.  Techniques used in the classes include mindfulness meditation practice, stretching, deep breathing, yoga, discussions and presentations.
“Anyone of any age with any body type and any physical shape is welcome to the class.  I work with people regardless of their abilities and capabilities,” said English, whose business, Emergence, is based in Grangeville.  She studied with MBSR founder, Jon Kabat Zinn, received the instructor training and has taught the class for ten years, including a credit class at LCSC and another through Gritman Medical Center.  Last spring she taught the class in Orofino.
Registration is limited to 25 registrants.  The class must have ten enrollees.  The class will be held in the Cottonwood Community Center immediately following the yoga class offered by Sue Lattin.  Although the classes relate to each other neither is dependent upon the other.
“People can either take the yoga class or the MBSR class or, hopefully, they will decide to take both.  The two classes really complement one another.  We decided to offer the MBSR class following the yoga class so it would be convenient for those wishing to take both,” said English.
The MBSR and yoga classes will be held each Wednesday throughout September and October with a half day MBSR retreat on Saturday, October 15th.  The $200 registration fee for the MBSR class covers all sessions, the half day retreat, the workbook and a set of CDs.  To register call SMHC, 962-3251, by Thursday, September 1.
“The class fee is greatly reduced from those being offered around the country, but I feel there are many people who could benefit from this class that I’ve reduced it so more people can participate.  It is an investment in a person’s future.  We only have one body and one mind.  We should take good care of it by learning to live more in the present and learn ways to let go of our stressors.”
For more information on mindfulness based stress reduction or integrative health visit English’s website: 

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