Photos from the Raspberry Festival

The alpacas were a popular attraction, especially with the younger crowd.

Donations were sought (barrel at bottom of photo) to help restore this buggy that belonged to a priest. It was set up at the Raspberry Festival in the demonstrations area.

People checked out the canoe display. 

An example of a dugout canoe made from one pretty good sized log.

Gary Eller sang for some appreciative audiences.

By 11 a.m. the PHS gym was starting to fill up with people looking for raspberry shortcake or barbecue sandwiches.

Jingles the Clown entertains a couple of youngsters at the Raspberry Festival.

The above three photos show some of the quilts that were part of the Raspberry Festival Quilt Show.

A couple of photos of the Raspberry Festival Show N Shine

Checking out one of the vintage cars at the Raspberry Festival Show N Shine.

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