3 attend TSA Nationals
Three students from Prairie High School attended the 32nd National Technology Student Association Convention in Dallas, Texas, June 20 through 25th.  Approximately 3,000 students attended throughout the United States and Germany. This years’ convention was held at the Gaylord Ranch.
Garrett Workman, Drew Cochran and Matt Jungert competed in a Robotics challenge where they were required to pick up as many discs as possible with their robot and place them over a “home base”.  They were also allowed to knock their opponent’s discs off their “home base.”  They competed almost twenty times over a two day period.  They didn’t place in the top ten, but learned from their mistakes and by seeing other robotic designs.  Matt and Drew are already preparing their robot design for competition for next year.
Garrett also entered a project in the Manufacturing Prototype category.  His entry consisted of designs of “officer symbols” such as a handshake, a gavel and block etc. He laser etched each officer symbol on a piece of plexiglas, and then designed a wooden base to hold each symbol.  He also hollowed out a section under the base to install a small light to reflect through the plexiglas to highlight the officer symbol.  Garrett didn’t place in the top ten, but feels TSA has influenced him the most in his High School career and carries many great memories with him throughout his four years in the club.
The students were chaperoned by Laurie Workman.  Tyler Workman also attended the conference, but did not compete. The students, parents and TSA Advisor, Jerry Richardson, would like to thank those who made it possible for the students to attend the conference; especially Pacific Cabinets for their donations throughout the years donating wood for quilt stands and other products that are sold locally and on the internet.

Drew Cochran, Garrett Workman and Matt Jungert at the TSA Nationals in Dallas, Texas. Photo provided by Laurie Workman.

All games  at 7 p.m. 
  2-Genesee, there
  9-Deary, here
16-Potlatch, here
23-Timberline, there
30-Kendrick, here
  7-Lapwai, there
14-Lewis County, here, Homecoming
21-C.V., there
28-Troy, here
NOVEMBER (State games)
  4 or 5-Kibbie Dome, TBA
11 or 12-Kibbie Dome, TBA
18 or 19-Championship, TBA
Jr. High games start at 5 p.m, JV at 7 p.m. unless indicated
  1-Troy JV, here, 6 p.m. 
  6-Genesee JV, there, 6 p.m.
12-Deary, JH & JV, here
19-Lewis County JH & JV at Craigmont
26-Timberline, JH & JV there
  3-Kendrick, JH & JV, here
10-Lapwai, JH & JV, here
24-C.V., JH & JV, there

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