Syringa has 2 new doctors
Syringa Hospital has announced that they have two new doctors serving patients there.
Eager to Practice Rural Medicine – Meet Dr. Jessup!
Even though her advisor told her she couldn’t do it, Dr. Tema Jessup proved them all wrong when she graduated as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) from the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, and degree in hand, headed to Boise, Idaho to complete her residency. Gumption, along with steadfast support and encouragement from her mom and her husband, Dr. Jessup just completed her residency and is now one of Syringa Hospital and Clinic’s newest physicians.  
“I love the relationships that form with my patients and I especially like taking care of the whole family”, Dr. Jessup emphasizes.  “I wanted to find a place that we could stay for a long time and practicing rural medicine is near and dear to my heart” she continues.  Grangeville suits her just fine.  “I have been a rural citizen all my life and know what it’s like to live rurally” she quips. Besides all of that, her husband’s family resides in Grangeville and with an 18-month old baby and another one on the way, the job offer to become a staff physician at Syringa made a lot of sense, meeting her desire to practice rural medicine and be near family.
Dr. Tema Jessup (pronounce ‘Tema’ like ‘Emma’) grew up in north Idaho, near  Coeur d’Alene where her mom was an OB nurse. She knew as young as 12 years of age that she wanted to be in medicine, and eventually set her sights on becoming a physician.  After high school she enrolled as a pre-med student at University of Idaho, where she met and married her husband, Matt Jessup. The young family then moved to Chicago where they resided for four years and she earned her D.O. degree in family practice.  An Osteopath is an MD but has more training on bones and joints, which is really good for primary care.
 Thinking back to her high school advisors - who said she couldn’t get into med school - Dr. Jessup urges young people to brush aside negative remarks.  “There is always a way to get where you want,” she strongly says, so “Don’t listen to contrary comments, have a plan ‘B’ and go for it!”  
The people who have been the most influential in her life are her Mom, who is the one who always said “Go for it!”, and her husband.  During her residency stint in Boise, their first baby was born.  Matt would bring in the baby and wait for hours until there was a break during the long periods she was on call.  “He’s always been there for me” she states.  Now, with the new job and second baby due in November, the roles will be reversed as Matt embarks on his career path to study law at the University of Idaho.  Upon graduation and passing his law exams, he intends to practice law in Grangeville.
Somehow in between juggling babies, a full-time career and helping her hubby through law school, Dr. Jessup hopes to mentor students at Grangeville High School.  Details still have to be worked out, but possibly there will be sessions after school or during lunch breaks; her objective is to motivate students to consider rural health care as a fulfilling lifetime career.  
Dr. Jessup offers full spectrum health care and provides a toolbox of osteopathic therapy.  The doctor will be in the office Mondays and Wednesday through Fridays every week at Syringa Hospital and Clinics.  She looks forward to meeting you.
From Philadelphia, PA to Grangeville, ID – Meet Dr. Lorico!
From the Philippines to Philadelphia, one of Syringa Hospital and Clinics newest physicians now calls Grangeville home.  Dr. Abegael Lorico joined the medical staff at Syringa on August 1 and is eager to begin building relationships with her patients and making new friends.  Focusing on women’s health and integrated medicine, Dr. Lorico brings over 25 years experience to Idaho County residents.
For the last 30 years, Dr. Lorico has called Philadelphia home.  The switch from a highly urbanized city with a population of over 1.5 million to Grangeville’s rural community is an interesting contrast.  Syringa’s promotional  flyer, circulated nationwide offering a ‘slower pace of life’ for physicians wishing to relocate, caught her eye immediately.  “I felt a real connection to Syringa and the Grangeville community during my first visit earlier this year, and that connection has only grown stronger”, she says. The overwhelming support of the Syringa medical community concerning incorporating integrated medicine into her daily practice as a staff physician was a significant reason for the re-location decision.   Dr. Lorico found “Syringa’s staff to be genuinely helpful and friendly, so the resolution to move was very straightforward.”  Toss in the the picture of Grangeville’s rush hour – the only city in Idaho County with a stop light – contrasted to Philly’s stressful commute, and it becomes very easy to understand her decision.
At a young age, Dr. Lorico learned from her family that we are all put on earth to help each other.  She believes that everyone has special gifts, skills and talents.  It is her hope that young people learn to identify what makes them happy, and then pursue those activities that will help them attain true happiness.  Dr. Lorico put her passion to work beyond her private practice in Philadelphia when she was invited to join the medical faculty as an educator at Temple University.
“Prevention always matters most” Dr. Lorico commented when discussing her love of educating medical students and patients alike.  Healing patients and giving them a fresh start brings her a great deal of joy. Adding integrated medicine to her healing approach adds another layer of satisfaction to her life as a physician.
In addition to being a board-certified OB-GYN, Dr. Lorico is also a Certified Acupuncturist and active member of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture. She continues to educate herself about the most current information of this centuries-old medical practice. “Acupuncture, as an integrated medicine methodology, is an excellent healing tool for many medical conditions” she passionately remarks.  “Integrating concepts from traditional and modern forms of acupuncture with Western medical training brings a more comprehensive approach to health care, and is a practice that I embrace wholeheartedly.  I look forward to sharing integrated medicine with our patients and the medical community at Syringa.”
Attending the University of The Philippines when she was 17, Dr. Lorico surprised herself by enrolling as a pre-med student.  Up to that point, her intent was to major in music! To this day, singing is an important component in her life and in Philadelphia, she was an active choir member of one of the oldest churches in the U.S. – Bensalem Presbyterian Church.
Dr. Lorico is on staff full time at Syringa Hospital and Clinics, focusing on women’s health.  She looks forward to meeting new patients – in the office as she seeks to bring health and well-being – or in the community.

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