Superintendent's Report
By Rene’ Forsmann
School year 2011-2012 is full of changes for students attending the Cottonwood School District.  We are in our second year of our three year plan to remodel and restructure our school district.  The elementary building previously located at 907 Lewiston Street has been vacated and is for sale.  School year 2012-2013 our elementary school will be complete with our Kindergarten, Center for Discovery and Grades One through Six all in one location.
Kindergarten and First grade students are bused to the elementary school for lunch.  During the time they are at the elementary school, they use the computer lab, have library time and First Grade students have music twice during the week.
Our high school lower floor has been remodeled and houses the Junior High students.  Junior High students have their own space and schedules.  In addition to what has been available, we are now offering shop at the junior high level.    We continue to provide a superior education for our children.  This is made possible by the support of our school board, community and parents.  We are off to a great start to the new year.
We had several retirements spring of 2010-2011 school year.  We are entering our 2011-2012 school year with one less teacher, one less aide and down a half-time secretarial position and food service staff member.  Administration has been reduced by a one-third position leaving two members to staff this team.
We had 7 teachers train to use the blackboard online system and will be blending Algebra I and Accounting I curriculum for students in grades 9-12.  Second semester we will add Economics and a Science course to the blended model.  We started broadcasting Spanish I to students in Nezperce and Kendrick utilizing the Idaho Education Network and the blackboard system as well.  
Prairie High School offers 12 courses as dual credit offerings.  These courses currently cost $65 per credit.  Fall registration showed that we have 56 students enrolled in dual credit classes for a total of 350 credits.  Students who have taken advantage of this opportunity tell us they get their freshman year of college out of the way during their high school career.  26 students are enrolled in the Region II Professional Technical Academy’s medical program and 19 students enrolled in IDLA online courses.
Our current student enrollment is at 383 students grades K-12.  We no longer have a "Middle School" as we are now a K-6 Elementary and a 7-12 Junior/Senior High School.
We continually add information to our website - please visit the Cottonwood School District site at

Parent survey participation
Last week a number of our parents received a letter asking for participation in a parent survey.  
Idaho Code 33-513 (4) states that all teacher evaluations must include input from parents and/or guardians of students.  Cottonwood School District has designed a survey based on our teacher evaluation model and is randomly choosing 7 parents per teacher to fill out the survey.  As a parent, you may have received more than one request to fill out the survey as many parents have more than one child in the system.  Our survey is designed to be taken online. 
If you have received a letter requesting your participation, please call Lynn Rehder (208) 962-3971 and let her know that you are interested in filling out the survey and how you would like to receive the survey.  We encourage you to fill it out online but will send a paper and pencil copy if you don’t have internet access.  The survey will be sent to parents the first week in October, again in January and the third survey will be sent in April.  The data from the surveys will be compiled and shared with the teachers.  All data is confidential as no parent names are attached to the survey or the results. 

Learning Survey Results posted on website
During the spring of the 2010-2011 school year, Cottonwood School District administered a Learning Environment Survey to all parents with children in the district.  Thank you to all parents who participated.
Survey results are listed by school—results are posted on our district website.  Go to

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