Family, organization histories sought for 150-year celebration
At the last meeting of the 150-year Area History Committee Sister Carm announced that Deb Clark will be the new chairman for the committee.
Clark calls for area people to submit family history for use in the local paper and as a permanent record in an anticipated book. Approximately 75 families and organizations have volunteered.
Local schools have also volunteered help to record people who need such a service. Other people are aiding in compiling history of local churches, schools and local civic organizations. Time, of course, is of the essence. Anyone who can help put this history into permanent record with either labor or information please contact members of the committee or come to a meeting as meeting dates will be published in the Chronicle.
The next meeting will be in the Community Hall Sept. 27 at 3 p.m.
Members of the committee are making preliminary moves to have various parts of the group get the first of the family histories published as soon as possible. Other members of the committee are working on getting more stories in the works for future publications.
The present goal is 200-300 family and organization stories. Organizations would include the Chamber, Lions and existing businesses. We are also including stories of the hospital, various churches, monasteries and all local schools and long standing businesses.
We are also looking into putting all the gathered material into a book which would be offered for sale to cover the costs of these celebration efforts.
Many more people will be called on to help with these efforts in the greater Cottonwood area. We find it very hard to set area limits on this celebration without including Greencreek, Ferdinand, Keuterville and the Salmon River area along with Cottonwood. Most of the families involved share a common history and many family names are involved in most all of the area.
Many memories will be brought to mind as we recall the pioneers coming through on the trail across the prairie covered with scattered timber and tall bush grass. Coming down from Craig Mountain and the Butte area—what a sight. Scattered hers of wild ponies, the blue patches of camas flowers, the ring mountains to the southeast hiding the gold and silver to make everyone rich! People coming from all walks of life, from Europe and China. Some running from persecution and oppression, some running from the Civil War back east. Others just seeking a place to call home.
With this effort to gather these stories we want to reserve a place in history for our forefathers and a permanent record of these brave pioneers.
Some of the travelers were just passing through while others found part of their dream on this prairie with an answer to many prayers. How fortunate we are to have lived and loved it here!
Hopefully we will show our thanks to previous generations for holding on and gaining a place we call home.

A stagecoach in downtown Cottonwood. Believed to be in the late 1800's-early 1900's

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