State banner is missing
Most of us have been up to the Prairie JR/SR High School gym over the past couple of years, and have enjoyed viewing the banners that are hung on the walls that represent past history of Prairie High School achievements. 
A very time consuming project that has been brought together by Loretta Riener, with support of the Prairie Booster Club and the sponsoring banner contributors. 
It appears that the 2006 State Baseball Banner, sponsored by the Hangout is missing from its spot on the wall.  After visiting with coaches, and teachers, no one is able to explain or have a reason as to why the Baseball banner is missing.  Hopefully someone will be able to step up and say we just borrowed the banner for reference, and the story is not that somebody thought that it would be a good keepsake. 
Please return the 2006 BASEBALL STATE BANNER, if you can drop the item at a spot that the school personnel can pickup just call 962-3901 or call Chris Kaschmitter, 962-3550 I would be happy to deliver the Banner back to the school, no questions asked.  Keep in mind that the Baseball State Banner might not mean anything to some folks, but it has happy memories for quite a few others.  Chris Kaschmitter, Prairie Booster Club President.
Update: It was reported on Friday, Sept. 30, that the banner has been located and is back in possession of the Prairie Booster Club. 

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