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In preparation for the annual Bräts and Brew Library fund raiser Saturday, November 5th, The Coffey Twin and the Satins will perform at this year’s Brats & Brew.beginning at 5 p.m. with the home made brew tasting followed by dinner at 6. p.m., we were delighted when last week we received a package containing a CD along with pictures of the band that will be entertaining that evening. The Coffey Twins and the Satins are from Newport, WA. and specialize in 50's and 60's music featuring songs by Elvis and the Beach Boys.  They also do some Country Western and just a good variety of music for your dancing and listening pleasure.  They will be bringing six of their ten member band to our event. They are not a familiar name in our immediate area but throughout their career they have opened for several big name bands.  How long has it been since there has been a live band perform at a local event here in Cottonwood? 
Tickets are now on sale and for $15.00 where else can you have a fun filled evening with family or friends, dining and dancing while supporting a worthwhile cause.  For those of you with a party of 10, a table can reserved for your group. Things are happening so don't be left out as only 200 tickets are available.   At a recent gathering the conversation turned to the Bräts and Brew competition and German recipes, prompting memories of favorite dishes Grandma used to make, so find that recipe and enter it in the competition.  It may be the winner this year.  The quilt is now on display in the Library and the drawing will be held the evening of the event.  The response from members and friends of the Library who received and sold raffle tickets has been very rewarding.   If you have not yet been contacted and would like to make a contribution in support of the Library, please contact Donna at 962-3561 or Laurine at 962-8691 or leave a message at the Library, 962-3714.   Recently someone thrust a German Dictionary in my hand and said to include some German words in the article.  Rather than be a total embarrassment to the community and especially my friends of German decent, I will pass at this time.  Perhaps later.
Quote: One of the side benefits of forgetting names and faces:  You keep meeting new people every day!
Chance for a free ticket: Do you know your German?
Prairie Community Library would like to challenge your knowledge of the German language.  Translate this sentence correctly and be the first to call Donna Wassmuth at 962-3561 and you will win one free ticket to the Bräts and Brew Fest.  Meine Freunde und ich wollen in die Bibliothek gehen. 

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