Scouting for Food
The Boy scouts and Cub Scouts will be collecting food for the local food bank this month.  On Saturday Nov. 5th, we will be passing out plastic grocery bags to houses in Cottonwood and Ferdinand.  Please fill the bag with any canned food or other non perishable food.  Then place the bag outside of your door on Nov 12th by 9:00 a.m.  The scouts will come and pick them up and bring them to the food bank.  If you would like to donate food and we happen to miss you, please call Aleta at 962-3724 or Shari at 962-3559 and we will make sure to pick it up.  Thank you for supporting our community in this effort.

Scouts camp out in Pumpkin patch
By Anthony and Dan Karel
“The awfulness of it, and horribleness of it will not soon be forgotten.”  I Just love that line from the Don Knotts movie, The Ghost and Mister Chicken.  Actually we had a great time.
Our troop consisted of Hunter Chaffee, Jared Coppernoll, Anthony Karel, and guest Jace Perrin. Jared’s younger brother Matt tagged along.  Chaperones were Scout Master Sharie Chaffee, Assistant Scout Master Dan Karel, and parents Keith and Aleta Coppernoll
The night was dark and stormy.  We had all eaten supper and the camp fire was going out when we decided to turn in for the evening.  The fact that it was starting to rain helped in that decision, since the inside of our tents were dryer than standing in the rain.  Not long after, the wind really started to blow.  Our tents were getting buffeted so hard that the dome tents would completely collapse then bounce back up.  It felt like something or someone heavy laid down on top.   Wow!  What a night!  The five foot tall metal fence that made up the entrance to the pumpkin patch was blown back into the field about 10 feet and laid over.   Not only did the weather try to scare us, but some thought they heard a wild animal wander close to the tents.  It was probably just a neighborhood dog.  
Well humans and tents saw the morning with no lasting damage from the night of terror.   After eating breakfast and packing up camp the boys helped the Pumpkin Patch Crew set up the fence and tidy up the patch for the day’s events.  The scouts also carried the American Flag in the parade on Saturday.  We want to thank Keuterville for hosting such a nice event and allowing the Boy Scouts to be part of it.  

Local Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts camped out in the pumpkin patch at the Keuterville event this past weekend. Photo by Shari Chaffee.

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