The hike
By Travis, Zach, Matt, Cole, Caleb and James
The Cub Scouts went on a beautiful hike on Nov. 10th.
Joe Biltz, Jessica Butler, Aleta Coppernoll and Jeff Martin went with us. We went to Jim Sonnenís house, Mattís Grandpaís. 
We went up the hill to Rocky Butte. When we were hiking we saw 2 does. We got to climb big rocks and Caleb got stuck in one. The only way to get him out was to say there were rattlesnakes in there. But it was too cold for rattlesnakes.
We played tag, army and hide and seek. Jamesí Dad changed into a total 7-year old. He scampered, ran, raced and climbed rocks.
We had our snacks under a big pine tree that was growing out of a big rock. Mrs. Schu used to have picnics under this tree. We saw a big pine tree that had knots all over the branches that we could do pull ups on. We could see all around us. We could see Mattís Grandpaís old one-room school. It is called the Stockcreek School. The moon was so bright and the sunset was all pink and orange. We had a race back to the house and Caleb won. Travisís heart was beating 50 mph. When we got back to the house, we saw Jimís cellar and he gave us an apple and Mrs. Sonnen gave us cookies. We had fun and want to thank Loycie Sonnen for letting us go on her property.

Cub Scouts Caleb Butler, Matt Coppernoll, Zach Arnzen, Cole Martin, Travis Alfrey and James Biltz out on their hike. They combined to write the article above. Photo by Aleta Coppernoll.

James Biltz shares a snack with his Dad, Joe Biltz.  Joe has taken over the duties of Cub Master this year.  Our previous Cub Master, Dan Karel has retired after 6 years of serving the Cub Scouts. Photo by Aleta Coppernoll.

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