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As the new director of music for the youth masses, Stephanie Duclos, was quick to visit the High School Prairie Faith Formation classes to help us plan the youth mass for December.  Stephanie talked with much enthusiasm, conviction and joy about her journey to the Catholic faith and her volunteer position that combines two things she is passionate about: music and youth.  Stephanie really encouraged us all to get to really know our faith and to be able and willing to talk about why we believe what we believe.  Another bit of advice she had for us all is to participate in the mass by singing, listening and using the missalette to follow along with all the prayers.
Stephanie graciously volunteered to return to our class on Monday, Dec. 12, to practice the songs we chose for the Dec. 18 youth mass to be held at 10 a.m. at St. Anthony’s in Greencreek.  Please feel free to join us for class on Monday at 8:20 and/or 9:20 if you would like to have some fun singing.  Also, mark your calendar and plan to attend the youth mass on December 18.  The theme for the mass is: “Say Yes!”

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