Letters to Santa Claus
Letters to Santa from the Prairie Kindergarten students; written by their 4th grade reading buddies.

Dear Santa,
I want a Barbie, a reindeer toy, and a loving family, and a Princess Barbie and a doggie toy.  What cookies do you like? 
 Love, Grace Avendano

Dear Santa,
Does Rudalph have a red nose?  What kind of cookies do you like Santa?  I want a nitro nerf gun and a transformer.
Love, Ethan VonBargen

Dear Santa,
Is Rudolphs nose really red?  What is your favorite kind of cookie?  And I want a Rudolph with a blinking red nose and that walks.  Also a remote control airplane. 
Love,  Dylan Forsmann

Dear Santa,
How are your reindeer doing?  How are your elves doing?  For Christmas I want a Ipad, touch pad, a bike tire and a computer.
From, David Bradley

Dear Santa,
I want a real monster truck, and a transformer book.  Have I been nice.  I want a Magic tree House book called eve of the Emperor Penguin.
From, Lee Forsmann

Dear Santa,
What is your favorite cookie?  Do you like chocolate milk?  I want a loving baby and family.
From, Miranda Klapprich

Dear Santa,
Can I have a castle with a princess and a prince.  What is your favorite kookie?
Love, Arielle Halligan

Dear Santa,
My name is Ember.  Are we being good?  I want a doll house, pink zu-zu pet and a go go.  What are your reindeers names?  Dose Rudolph have a red nose?  Why do you go down the chimney?
Love, Ember Martin

Dear Santa,
How are the reindeer?  How do you go around the world in one nite?  I want a Bakoogon and a 22-2 gun.
From, Bennie Elven

Dear Santa,
Can I have a transformer for Christmas.  Are you having fun making your toys?
From, Sam Ostrander

Dear Santa,
How are your reindeer?  I want a nerf longstrike gun, and a F-16 Hornet fighter plane.
From, Trenton Hoene

Dear Santa,
Are the elves working hard?  Does Santa have a happy elf?  What I want for Christmas is a Barbie doll.
Love, Isabella Walsh

Dear Santa,
How are your reindeer?  How are your elfs?  I want a Disney blanket and a leap pad.
Love, Taylor Riener

Dear Santa,
How are your reindeer doing.  I would lik a play station 3 and a wii with a new survival game and a PS3 and I would also like to have a twenty-two and a airsoft gun.
From, Cody Kaschmitter

Dear Santa,
Do you ever help the elves make toys?  What I want for Christmas is a ZuZu pet, Barbie and earings.
Love, Alli Geis

Dear Santa,
How are your reindeer doing.  Does Rudolph have red nose.  For Christmas I want a toy reindeer a toy snake and a toy dinosaur.
From, Noah Behler

Dear Santa,
I want a transformer a reamote controle car.  How are your Reindeer doing?  How is Mrs. Claus doing?  Can my baby sister have a doll for Christmas?
Love, Carter Chicane

Dear Santa,
How are your reindeers feeling?  I will like a Little Miss Pet Shop House and Sablemates.  What is your favorite cookies?
Love  Sarah Lustig

Dear Santa,
Is Rudolph real?  What I want for Christmas is MP3 player, Play Station 3, lava lamp and a D.S..
Love, Cheyenne Keith

Dear Santa,
I want a Robot.  How many Reindeer do you have?  I want a toy gun.
From, Drake Cronan

First Grade Santa Letters – 2011
Cindy Schumacher’s Class
(Children’s own words…phonetically spelled)

Dear Santa,
How do you git in the smallest chimne?  How do you make your rendeer flie?  How do you git to the homes in one nite?  How do the presints git to the homes?  Do you have the biggest factre in the world?  Please and thank you for a nutcraker.
Love, Tristyn Leonard

Dear Santa,
I luv yuw!  But how do you kerey all the presents?  How do you kerey the elvs in the slay?  Dear Santa I want a bike.  I wud like a stuft puppe.  Can I have a little guy?  Can I have a guy that moves?  I hope you have a nis ride.
Love, Jordan Quick

Dear Santa,
How do you mac toys?  And how do you mac your sled?  How can you fli?  How is Rowdoff?  I love you.  How are you? May I have a doll?  May I have a dollhows?  May I have a stapler?  May I have slippers?  May I have books?  May I have a flag?  Are you going to eat my cookies?  I hope you lick them.  Are you going to eat my milk?  I hope you lick it.  I love you.
Love, Mary Schwartz

Dear Santa,
How do you dlivr all the toyz in one nite?  Is it majeck?  Do yor elfs evr get breaks?  Do yor randeer evr get breaks?  I would love nu books Santa Cloz.  May I have penzils? I wood love nu folders.  Thank you for the scool supplies and the Elfs.  I love you.  Santa I hope you like my cookez.  I hope you like my milk.  I hope you have a good flite.  I hope you like my Chrismes Decorations.
Love, Jordan Farnworth

Dear Santa,
How do you elfs mack toys?  How do your rendeer fly?  What dus your homes look like?  Do you like choclet milk or white milk?  How can you go to evry home in one nite?  How are you so qwiete?  How old do the elf’s get?  Mae I have a cat?  Have a safe flyt.  How do you get all of the toys in the bag?  What dus randeer homes look like?  Have a Mary Crismas.
Love, Julia Rehder

Dear Santa,
How do you delivr all the presints in one nigt?  How do your rander fliy?  How do you fit all of the presints in your slay?  How mene Elfs?  How do you get in homes?  I would like a big semi that cums with a lo-boy that holds a chokr.
Love, Shane Hanson

Dear Santa,
I love you and the elfs.  How do you delver the presints in homes?  Ef you can not bring me enething all I need is that my mom and dad love me.  I love you.  How do you get the door opin?  How do you fill the slay?  Do you yus majeck?  How do the rander fly?  I love you vare much.
Love, Riley Enneking

Dear Santa,
What do all your Elfs do?  What do you do?  How do you carre all that stuf?  How do you go throu the Chimne?  How dus the presins fit in the bag?  Could I ples have new toys ples?  Thank you Santa Claus.  Thank you for the presins.  Santa I like your presins.
Love, Noelle Biltz

Dear Santa,
Wy do you make toes?  You make the best toes.  I love you Santa.  Wy do you make toes?  I will be a sleep.  Do you no I love you Santa?  I like a Brana toe.  I like the toes that you make.  I love Santa.  I love an Amarican Doll.
Love, Taeler Key

Dear Santa,
Do you liv at the North Pole?  Santa how is Misis Clos doing?  Do you lic giving prezins to kids?  Do you have a lot of elfs?  I want a Tonka plese.  Do you work in the home?  Do the elfs?
Love, Connor Forsmann

Dear Santa,
How are you?  How do you fit thro the chimne?  Is your slae majik?  How is Rodoff?  How is your wife?  If you have time I wood lick to have Legos.  How do your randeer fli?  Can your randeer onle fli on Christmas?  I love you.
Love, Morgan Poxleitner

Dear Santa,
How do you fli?  How do you mak prsants fit in the slay with you?  How does the sled cary prsants?  What can fit in the stockins?  Can you fill the stockins?  I like your sled.
Love, Ravin Cronan

Dear Santa,
How do you delivre presins all around the earth?  Have a Mary Crismis.  How do you mac presins?  I know you have to bild a lot of presins to delivre to kids.  How do Randere fli?  Maree Chresmas.  How do you go down Chimnees?  Could you please bring me a toy shotgun?  Have a mare Crismas.
Love, Colton McElroy

Dear Santa,
Can I asc you queshons?  How do you load your slaa?  How do you go all urownd the wurld?  How do you get home on time?  If you could, can  you get me a zoob set? Thank you Santa.  I wish you u Mary Crismis and your Elfs.  Can I tel you u storee?  My cuzin is having a bebe!  I gess its u boy.
Love, Luke Stubbers

Dear Santa,
How mene elfs work for you?  How do you delifr all the toys in one nite?  Mae I have a noo bike ples?  Mae I have a noo set uv books ples?  Mae I have a noo stocking ples?  Mae I have a noo scooter ples?  Mae I have a dog ples?  Mae I have a noo sled?  Have a saf trip.  How meny randr is ther in all?  How do randr flie?
Love, Holli Schumacher

Dear Santa,
How do randr fly?  How do you fly?  How do you make prsents?  How do you fit them in yor sled?  I want a present.  Do you have majik?  How do you delivr prsents?  
Love, Beau Weaver
Dear Santa,
How dus yor randr fli?  How do you make the toes?  Ples can you give me a real sell fone?  I love you.  How mene Elfs do you have?  If you have 15 Elfs then I will be rite!
Santa I love you.  
Love, Trinity Yorke

Dear Santa,
How do you mak things?  How do you put toys in your bag?  How do you mak toys?  How do you fli your sleds?  Why do you go to plasis?  Santa why do you know how to travel?  How do you mak your Elfs work?  Santa ples gif me a mracin doll and crazy art.  Ples gif me a cristl.  Ples gif me a book.  Ples gif me a top.  Dear Santa I love you.
Love, Brenna Wood

Dear Santa,
How can you fly uround the whol intiar world in one intiar night?  Have a good Crismis.  Cud you get me a telascop that can tell me whar the big dippar and all the planits are?  Santa cud you get me a CD of Alvin and the Chic Monks?  And Cars 2 bed sheets?  And a Cars 2 pillow and a bow and arrow that is camoflog?  And a blue toy motrsicle?  Santa I think you are a vare good persin for dlevering presints around the world and also I think you are a vare good persin for giving peopl things they wood like.  Santa do you think you can make me a ball that has tobs in it with a tiny ball that is magnit?  And a new book and won of Jan Brett’s books?  
Love, Weston Riener

Dear Santa,
How do you fill the stuff in your bag?  How do your reindeer fly?  Could I please have a pink Zu-Zu pet?  Merry Christmas.  Thank you and goodbye.
Love, Amelia Uhlenkott

Dear Santa,
Do you put the packit on the randeer, I wus wundering?  Do you have a majik bag, I wus wundering?  I wus wundering if you have a hundrid elfs?  I would like to have a skidr and a loggin truck.  I love you.
Love, Ben Gehring

Dear Santa,
How do you git into a house with no chimney?  How do you get all the presents into your bag?  How meny elfs do you have?  I love you.  Plase can I have silver boots and a doll?  Santa I love you and the Elfs.
Love, Chloe Rowland

Dear Santa,
How do you mak your randers fly?  Ples, I want a teddy elf and a stack of books and a ball and a sox and a pakit.  How do you fit your presents in your bag?  Ples tell me.  I want to know.  Ples I want a paper and a book.
Love, Levi Walsh

Dear Santa,
How do you fly?  How big is your shop?  How many elfs do you have?  How many trees do you have?  Do you have an upstars?  How big is your slaye?  When is your birthday?  How big dose your presints git?  What is the Elfs names?  How meny stockings do you have?  How many presents do you get ever year?
Love, Tagen Perrin

Dear Santa,
I love you.  I love your Elfs.  Merry Christmas.  I want you for Christmas.  I love you Santa.  I love Christmas.  Can I ples have Thomas?  Ples Santa?  Ples can I hav a dog?  Ples Santa? Have a Merry Christmas.
Love, Keenan Shears

The following are letters to Santa Claus from Mrs. Rehder’s Kindergarten class at Summit Academy.

How do you get here? I want a police suit and a remote control wireless tumbler.
Noah B.

How do reindeer fly? I want a remote control hot wheels car.
Noah W.

What do your elves make? How are you? Please bring me two wireless stuntcars Have a afe trip.
Levi W

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