From the Police Chief
Imagine you work at the hospital this time of year.  You are giving your time and energy to help people in need.  You walk out to your vehicle after a long day, or night, at work only to discover that someone has shattered your window and damaged your vehicle.
This has been happening at St. Marys Hospital in Cottonwood.  Cottonwood Police Department has received two complaints of damaged vehicles parked behind the hospital, near the rail road tracks.  Someone has been on the rail road tracks and had been throwing rocks at the vehicles parked there, causing the damage.  This has resulted in large, unexpected expenses for the folks whose vehicles were damaged, at a time of year when that would be the last thing you would want, more bills.
Based on the time frames and witness statements, it is believed that it is youth, 13-15 year olds, who have been doing the damage.  If you are letting your kids play there, please speak with them regarding damage to others property.  I am assuming that these are local kids, again due to the after school times and the fact that they are on foot.  That bothers me, that we have several youth who live here, and donít care about others property and would willingly destroy it.  Just for fun.  What does that say about us?  We need, as a community, to come together and put a stop to this.
I am asking that anyone who has knowledge of these events, or who sees people on the tracks near the hospital, to please contact Cottonwood Police at City Hall- 962-3231 or after hours via Idaho County Sheriffs Office at 983-1100.

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