New cell tower near Cottonwood
Inland Cellular is pleased to announce vastly improved wireless service in the Cottonwood, Idaho area with the recent addition of a new cellular tower on Cottonwood Butte.
The addition of the new tower serving the city of Cottonwood provides our valued customers with enhanced coverage and significantly improved data speeds. The area now features 3G coverage for faster data access, making Inland Cellular the wireless provider with the largest 3G network on the prairie. In addition, 3G provides improved safety and security for end users.
"We are excited to offer our valued customers in the Cottonwood region improved service, and remain the carrier with the best coverage in the region." said Chip Damato, Director of Business Strategy at Inland Cellular. "We are firmly committed to be the premier wireless provider on the Prairie and are always looking for ways to improve our customer experience."
Inland Cellular is a locally owned and operated wireless communications company that has provided nationwide voice, data and entertainment services to the Inland Northwest since 1992.  Inland Cellular's local stores are located at 11250 Highway 12 in Orofino and at 26112 Nez Perce Drive in Lewiston. Representatives can be reached at (800) 248 - 8822.  For more information visit us online at

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