Cub Scouts visit city services
On Thursday, Jan 12th the Bear and Wolf dens went on a field trip to city hall.  First we visited with Roy Uhlenkott, who is the Public Works director for the City of Cottonwood.  He told us what his job is and all of the other things that he and Dave and Pat do for the city.  We were able to sit in the street sweeper, the backhoe and the road grader.  
We then went to the police office and talked with Officer Wes Walters.  He told us different ways we can help prevent crimes in our homes and how we can help the police out if we do witness a crime.   
We would like to thank Roy and Officer Walters for taking time out of their day to talk with us and for showing us around.
I am a practical joker at heart and I love to make people laugh and as they say ‘laughter is the best medicine’ so I am just trying to do my part here at the clinic.”

The Cub Scouts visited Cottonwood’s public works department. Showen are James Biltz, Emma Butler, Roy Uhlenkott, Travis Alfrey Caleb Butler, Zach Arnzen, Cole Martin, Matt Coppernoll in front of the street sweeper. Photo by Aleta Coppernoll. 

The Cub Scouts visited the Cottonwood police office. Back row:  Officer Wes Walters and Matt Coppernoll. Front row:  Zach Arnzen, James Biltz, Cole Martin, Caleb Butler and Travis Alfrey. Photo provided by Aleta Coppernoll.

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