Event chairmen sought
The Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce met last Thursday and decided that a chairman would be sought to coordinate a celebration of the 150th anniversary of the founding of Cottonwood.
Deb Clark stated that her 150-year story committee has enough to keep them busy just getting the book put together and published.
Suggestions for a celebration have been to hold it in conjunction with the Raspberry Festival which would also be celebrating its 20th year and the 80th year of the museum; set up something to be held in conjunction with the Fair or a stand-along event near the end of June.
Anyone interested in taking charge of this event is asked to contact Chamber president Greg Wherry.
Another event in need of local help is “Ride Idaho.” There are going to be approximately 350 bicyclists  from all over the United States will be spending the night at the Cottonwood City Park August 6 and they are looking for a Tuesday morning breakfast and possibly a sack lunch. City Council member Shelli Schumacher is setting up a meeting for Monday, March 26 at the Community Hall lower level for organizations that may want to help with this event. 
The Ride Idaho group would pre-pay for these meals to that the amount of food needed could be gauged fairly well.
The Chamber approved allowing the Idaho County 4-H program to put up banners during the Fair commemorating the 100th anniversary of the 4-H program.
School superintendent Rene’ Forsmann gave the group an update on the schools stating construction has started on the annex at the Elementary School that will allow the Kindergarten and 1st grade to move over next year. At that point they would put the K-1 building up for sale. The junior high being at the high school is going very well. She reported that the proposed levy is down from last year’s amount with the levy vote set for May 15.
She also reported that about 60% of juniors and seniors are taking advantage of the dual credit program which allows students to take college credits in high school, saving a lot of money over paying for those credits in college.
Catherine Feyer reported on her Founding Mothers project saying she originally sought a grant for $10,000, scaled it down to $5,000 and got awarded $2,000. This project ties in well with the 150-year celebration.  She will be doing presentations around the state and is seeking additional funding. The Chamber approved donating $100 to the project.
Donna Wassmuth reported that the Library will have the same band again for their 2012 Brats & Brew event, which is set for November 3.
The next meeting of the Chamber will be Thursday, April 12 at 11:30 a.m. at the Library. The Library again plans to provide lunch for a donation. 

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