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On March 27, Scout Troop 638 held a Court of Honor recognizing boys with all their accomplishments.
Three months ago we had five Boy Scouts attend the Merit Badge University at Lewis-Clark State college. They chose four merit badges each. Some there were able to finish in the time frame allowed, the others are considered partials. The partials we encourage the boys to finish on their own time or at meetings. Bosy that didn’t attend the University worked on their own badges at home.
To start off the meeting we had a welcome and a prayer by Roger Burgess. Dan Karel, our assistant scoutmaster, proceeded the ceremony by starting with Scout rank advancement.
First up was Kevin Tillinghast. He received his Medicine Merit Badge along with Scout rank badge. Cody Lockhart received his Public Health Merit Badge along with the Scout rank badge. Next we moved up the scout path to Tenderfoot and 2nd Class rank. Jared Coppernoll, Hunter Chaffee and Carson Schmidt each received the Pulp and Paper, Electricity and Scouting Heritage Merit Badges and both rank advancements of Tenderfoot and 2nd Class. Anthony Karel received the Pulp and Paper and Scouting Heritage Merit Badges and both rank advancements. Seth Chaffee completed his Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge. Drew Cochran completed his Personal Fitness Merit Badge and received his Life rank advancement.
We have several Scouts almost ready for their next rank advancement. They are planning more campouts in the next month or so, possibly a trip to Yellowstone National Park. Camp Grizzly is coming up in June and the boys will be part of the 150 year celebration in August when 350 cyclists will come through town.
At the end of the meetings Shari Chaffee gives a Scoutmaster Minute. For the past few weeks the work “Encouragement” kept coming to mind. She looked it up the old fashion way with the Webster’s Dictionary. To Discourage is to deprive of courage, hope, confidence or to dishearten. Becomes a depressed state of mind, body and soul. To Encourage a person you GIVE courage, hope, confidence, support or help. Either by encouraging someone or finding someone that encourages you. The negative part of the world wants us to be discouraged. I challenge all of you to be encouraging. She tells all her children often that the wide path of the world wants to trick or cause your mind to wander elsewhere. The narrow path will keep you focused and alert of the positive things that life has to offer. She knows that she needs encouragement, how about you?

Pictured at the Boy Scouts Court of Honor are from left Anthony Karel, Kevin Tillinghast, Carson Schmidt, Seth Chaffee, Jared Coppernoll, Cody Lockhart and Hunter Chaffee. They are proud to show the awards they earned over the past three months. Photo by Shari Chaffee.

Drew Cochran pins his mother Jennifer with her mother’s pin of his Life rank achievement as his father Terry Cochran looks on. Photo by Shari Chaffee.

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