Cottonwood to celebrate 150th year in 2012, area history included
(History continued from last week)
In our efforts to continue our remembering story about just some of the good things that truly make this area strong and viable we have talked about the convent, civic leaders, our hospital and our schools and now we continue with some talk about our economic stability.
One of the organizations giving the area a major boost also found its beginnings here with George E. and J.P. Seubert, circa 1963. With an old used backhoe and an old dump truck they founded Seubert Excavators and have guided it into a 200 plus man workforce with many great accomplishments. This main company has several branches reaching into construction, rockcrushing (usually 3 units), cement and paving. If you have time drive by their shop and repair unit (known as J.P.ís sandlot) on the north side of town and look at the equipment it takes to nourish this great operation.  
Back in the early 90ís J.P. bought out his brother George E. and continued on the next 10 years until he lost his life in a plane accident in 2001. Since that time Cherie, J.P.ís wife, and a couple of their sons have run the business.
Iíve been fortunate to count both J.P. and George E. among my good friends and wish to thank the extended family for all they have done for this area. J.P. and Cherie have joined us in a number of trail rides and I can say their getting some time off with us did all of us some good.  While we all know Cherie for her great singing, J.P. with his ďLetís sing something patrioticĒ was also a great ďhillbillyĒ to have along. I mention here, for the record, and because he is not here to give me hell, J.P. and George both were great community members and some of the first to come forward when someone or some family needed help. While I am proud to say they were my friends, I can also say they were good Christian men and did much for the whole area. Next time the occasion arises I will be sure to ďtip oneĒ and ďsing oneĒ for the founders of Seubert Excavators.
Among the other times we get together to share each otherís company, because it happens so often, is the small or large family reunion. Some of these have grown to a remarkable size. Names like Schmidts, Nuxolls, Schumachers and many others have been real head turners. One of the big on-going family reunions is the Uhlorns. Maurus and Karen have been hosting this event the last few times in 2002 and again in 2007 with the next one to be this year. I am advised that this extended family has grown to 376 as of this date, and yes, weíre still counting. Best wishes to all concerned. Have a great one!
Itís that time of the year when the local ballfields have people of all ages out for a good game of softball. Itís amazing how many people turn out both to play and watch. A few years back we ran a survey to find out how many people were involved. At that time the number was about 700 people a week came out to watch and play. Isnít this great? What a great way to bring people together. As the weather continues to improve, and Iím sure it will, drive around and check the many fields. You will find many happy people doing what they like, supporting their local ball team. And everyone benefits from it! Just think what you would be doing if you lived in another place. Where else could you go and know most everyone there? And here, some kid calls the umpire Uncle Jim! And the concession stand is run by the league boosters to boot! The real story here is people go through this program every year and when the last kid plays the last game, someone else has his kid just starting and on and on it goes.
Another great organization that brings people together with lots of energy and a lot of satisfaction is the Riding Club. This outfit now holds their riding competitions on the site of the old Cottonwood Ball Park up on Huntley Hill. Their activities draw a good many for both show and tell and for just watching. Their members do trail rides and take part in O-Mok-See type riding throughout the area. Some of their leaders have been in this great sport for many years and several generations. This is just another example of leadership and dedication. Can you imagine the cost and problems a family would have doing this in a big town? People doing things to preserve the old way of life! Great going to all of you!
I remember shortly after WWII when the local Rod & Gun Club used to gather up some of the young people to go down on Lapwai Creek to improve the fish habitat. Also these same people worked with the Fish & Game Dept. to plant the high mountain lakes. About this same time we worked to establish the pheasant farms at Sweetwater and helped to plant the birds throughout central Idaho. All people trying to maintain the things that were slowly fading out of our lives. Many Saturdays and Sundays were spent on these projects by the good people of the area who knew little of Government grants.
Another story of people who do and help themselves is the long and extensive story of 4-H and the Future Farmers of America. Many of you have taken part in these programs and share in the rewards of having great men and women who gave their spare time to kids willing to learn. Some of you have spent countless hours and a number of years going through the programs that help make you who and what you are today. The Idaho County Fair brings all this time and effort to a climax every Fall just as it was going back for a great part of the story of this area. You all know of the people who kept these events alive and well. We want to thank them for a great job well done!
Years back, whenever someone was paid a tribute in the local papers it was always a part of the article to tell of the manís political affiliation. Dyed in the wool Republican or Democrat, and the stories always mention a thing or two he had accomplished along these lines. Many times in the past 150 years a third party would become involved but, mostly without much luck. Regardless what the hard and fast politicians would have you believe I have known very few voters who have not voted a split ticket. With some of the wide open elections the manís honesty (or lack thereof) seems to prevail. So some years we lean one way and the next time another. Win or lose it always feels good to know you were part of the outcome. And in this area, free speech and voter independence are valued as highly as any place in the world. After all, this is the reason our forefathers came over to the new world. Read your family story and it will make you very proud how our people four generations past wanted and fought for the things we now have. As a young man, I had trouble understanding why the 4th of July was so special and the older people seem to look forward to the timely holiday. Now I know how special the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave really is. And I too resent it when someone tries to re-write or re-tune our National Anthem!

Family reunions are a common reason for large get-togethers in our area. Shown above is the Uhlorn family reunion in 2002.

J.P. Seubert, one of the co-founders of Seubert Excavators.

George E. Seubert on a backhoe in about 1965 or 1966.

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