Willie Wemhoff home burglarized
Four miles east of Cottonwood, 524 East RD, at the Willie & Theresa Wemhoff farm a burglary took place. The home was unoccupied at the time. 
There were personnel checking the home once or twice a week. The home was last checked on Wednesday April 16. All was OK at this time. On Sunday, when the lawn maintenance man came to mow lawn, the break-in was discovered. The crooks, pried open the sliding glass door into our bedroom off of our patio and then entered the home. They then also went and kicked in the door on the home-site shop building. The loss in the home was very extensive with the loss of 5 firearms, jewelry and much more. In the shop Husqvarna and a Stihl chainsaw was stolen plus many more tools. The Idaho County Sheriff Office Deputies have been out 2 times, spending hours to solve this robbery. Also with them was Terry Cochran from Cottonwood  Police Department. The County Deputies plus Cochran said the home has been really ransacked with all drawers and doors opened. It sounds like a real mess to go home to. We have never been robbed before. If anybody saw any vehicles or activity on our farm on these dates we would sure appreciate if you would call us at 208-962-3332 in Cottonwood or Zack or Jerry J. at the Sheriff’s Office, or Terry Cochran at the City Office in Cottonwood.
Willie Wemhoff

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