Deputy receives commendation
At approximately 11:30 P.M., on April 25, 2012, while on routine patrol, Idaho County Sheriff's Deputy Sheriff Doug Giddings, left, presents Tom Remington with a certificate of excellence. See story below. Photo by Monica Walker.Tom Remington noticed the lights on and the door open at the residence of an elderly widow.  Remington knew from previous patrols of the area that this was unusual, so he attempted contact with the woman.  
Remington knocked on the door and identified himself. Remington entered the residence to find the woman on the floor.   The woman had fallen earlier in the morning and had been unable to get up and been on the floor since.  She had attempted to access the telephone but it broke when she pulled it down to the floor.  The broken telephone also disabled her "life alert" button, making it impossible for her to call for help.
Remington requested the Clearwater Valley Ambulance who responded and transported the woman to the hospital.  The EMTs and the woman's family praised Deputy Remington's keen observation skills and advised the woman may not have survived had he not checked on her.
Sheriff Giddings presented Remington with a certificate of excellence. Sheriff Giddings said, "Tom Remington is an excellent deputy, a credit to this department and fine example of what rural law enforcement is all about."

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