Mother Daughter Tea is held
The Prairie High School Mother-Daughter Tea was held on Sunday at the Prairie High School Cafeteria.  Over 70 mothers, daughters and grandmothers attended the tea, which had the appropriate name of “Tea for Two”.  
Freshman and sophomore girls provided the salads while the juniors provided the desserts.  Serving the ladies were Alex Duman, Marcus Higgins, Jared Higgins and Rhett Schlader.
Darleen Bianchi was honored with the title of “Mother of the Year,” when her daughter, Breanna’s, essay was chosen.
MeShel Rad was chosen as “Girl of the Year,” while the remaining senior girls received the following, Miss Leadership – Breanna Bianchi, Miss Enthusiasm – Samantha Keating, Miss Loyalty – Jennifer Gimmeson, Miss Responsibility – Demetria Riener, Miss Sportsmanship – Megan Sigler, Miss Charity – Monica Lustig, Miss Patience – Savannah Moudy, Miss Optimism – Amanda Stinson, Miss Unity – Samantha Poxleitner, Miss Education – Makayla Schaeffer and Miss Independent – Leslie Nida.
The 2011-12 Prairie League officers were President – Demetria Riener, Vice President – Megan Sigler and Secretary – Monica Lustig.  The new officers for the 2012-12 school year are President – Kendall Schumacher, Vice President – Tanna Schlader, and Secretary – Taylor Heitman.
Mother of the year Darleen Bianchi with her daughter Brianna.
MeShel Rad was chosen as the Prairie League girl of the year.
Outgoing Prairie League officers were from left: Demetria Riener, president; Monica Lustig, Secretary and Megan Sigler, vice-president.

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