Primary election results
Elections results and totals for Idaho County voters are listed for last Tuesday’s Primary Election.
In the most hotly contested county wide race incumbent Idaho County Commissioner Skip Brandt held of challenger Steve Didier Sr. 1717 to 1656 for the Republican nomination for District 1. Despite dropping out of the race due to health reasons Ron Andrews still drew 456 votes.
Incumbent Idaho County Sheriff Doug Giddings had little trouble prevailing in a 4-way race for the Republican nomination polling 2,427 votes, more than his 3 opponents combined. Greg Smith drew 979 votes, John Nida 313 and Herb Lindsey 251.
For State Senator, District 7, incumbent Republican Sheryl Nuxoll drew 2,921 votes in Idaho County compared to 828 for her challenger, Mary Wade Hesston. Nuxoll also prevailed district-wide.
For State Representative, District 7, Position A, Shannon McMillan, an incumbent Republican, drew 1,773 votes county wide compared to 1,069 for closest challenger Rex Rammell. McMillan also prevailed district wide.
For U.S. Representative Incumbent Republican Raul Labrador easily beat back challenger Reed McCandless in Idaho County 2,637 to 931 and also prevailed in district wide voting.
Other races were unopposed.

Override levy passes
The school district override levy passed in voting held last Tuesday, May 15.
58% of the vote was in favor of the measure with the vote tally being 384 yes, 280 no.
Breakdown by Trustee Zone:
Cottonwood #1-72 yes, 74 no.
Cottonwood #2-68 yes, 62 no.
Fenn (part of Greencreek) 2 yes, 9 no.
Ferdinand-53 yes, 47 no.
Greencreek-72 yes, 31 no.
Keuterville-33 yes, 35 no.
Absentee-84 yes, 22 no.
The county did not break the absentee voters down as to which zone they were from.

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