From the classroom to the workforce
Students with an interest in technology at any level know that they can approach Mr. Ryan Hasselstrom and he will create a learning environment to match their interests.  This current year Ryan has taught interactive video courses, accounting, media design and has students enrolled as teacher aides.  During different parts of the day he has taught them computer repair and network design.  Ryan knows well that as a technician for the high school, having kids trained in pc repair and network design gives him helping hands throughout the day. 
Most recently Mr. Hasselstrom helped design the network layout for the new elementary annex and had his students pull the cable.  What a great way to take the training that has gone on in the classroom and apply it to the workforce.  Students that helped with this project gained a great skill with potential job options.
Garrett Schmidt wiring to the data closet
Dakota Wilson (Idaho Leads participant) and Ryan Glimp pulling wire to the outlet boxes.
Westin Crenshaw is managing the wiring in the data closet.
Ryan Hasselstrom, teacher, organizing all of the wiring and making the runs through the soon to be attic.

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