Ideal Protein consultants at Grangeville
Gary McEwen and Deb Smith from the St. Mary’s Hospital Grangeville Physical Therapy are Ideal Protein trained consultants and are ready to schedule consults with anyone in the area who is interested in starting the Ideal Protein program. The consult costs $50.00 and will take approximately one hour.  During the month of June they are offering a special of two for one for husbands and wives.
During an Open House which was held on May 29th, Ashley Meehan; an Ideal Protein Representative gave a presentation on the program.  The program was developed 26 years ago by Dr. Tran TienChanh; it was developed by him for athletes to maintain muscle and keep fat off.  Participants of this program are encouraged to get in, follow the program, take off the weight, receive education to keep it off and move on with life.
“This program’s foods are protein isolates and muscles absorb the proteins; muscle is the engine that burns fat,” said Ashley.  “And we want to prevent muscle loss.  This is not a high protein program, it is an ideal protein program; we stress the recommended amount of protein; protein equals vitality.”  Ashley continued, “The fact that two out of three American adults are overweight and one in three children are overweight plus one third of the children in American will develop diabetes; weight loss is very important.”
Prior to the Open House nine members of the community went on the program as beta testers; in three weeks the group lost a total of 98 pounds.   When asked what they thought of the program they responded; “I love carbs and bread and even though I can’t have them on this program I don’t miss them.  Excellent plan, you will love it.  Really easy to follow; after the second week I didn’t have any cravings.   I almost have to force myself to eat, and the food that you purchase through the program is good.  This is a great way to kick start your weight loss program and it is so easy if you have a busy life.”
If you are interested in setting up a consult contact Deb Smith from the Grangeville Physical Therapy office at 983-2241. The consults and the weekly appointments and weigh-ins will be held on Tuesdays from 7:30 to 5:00.

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