PHS awards are given
Kade Perrin and Dakota Wilson were named as Students of the Year at the Prairie High School awards assembly held Monday, May 21.
King and Queen of Sports were Josh Roeper and MaKayla Schaeffer. 
Athletes of the year were Megan Sigler and Justin Schmidt
Student body officers received medals for their service. They are Joshwa Zigler, student body president; Joshua Roeper, student body vice-president; MeShel Rad, student body secretary/treasurer and Samantha Keating and Cassie Weightman, spirit leaders.
Prairie Booster Awards were given to students who achieved 3.50 or better grade point averages. They were: Lucas Arnzen, Matthew Bartlett, Rebekah Bruner, Clark Bruno, Mckenzie Candalot, Ashley Cannon, Abigail Chmelik, Andrew Cochran, Logan Dahlen, Mason Dalgliesh, Torin Dalgliesh, Casey Danly, Alex Duman, Lukas Enneking, Rachel Falzon, Jake Fernandez, Stephanie Gimmeson, Natasha Gimmeson, Joseph Goldmeer, Taylor Heitman, Jared Higgins, Christopher Hoene, Daun Hoene, Leah Holthaus, Matthew Jungert, Jessica Kaschmitter, Samantha Keating, Hyerin Kim, Jacey Langston, Tyler Latimer, Stellina Laurino, Troy Lorentz, Nathan McElroy, Emily McHugh, Savannah Moudy, Katherine Nida, Kaden Perrin, Shaney Perrin, MeShel Rad, Jessica Riener, Joshua Roeper, Tanner Ross, MaKayla Schaeffer, Tanna Schlader, Rhett Schlader, Garrett Schmidt, Kendall Schumacher, Megan Sigler, Whitney Sonnen, Frank Spencer, Kelsey Tidwell, Kyle Uhlenkott, Shelby VonBargen, Claire Whitley, Dakota Wilson and Sky Wilson.
Student Boosters of the year were Kyle Uhlenkott and Demetria Riener.
Booster of the year was Randy Brown.
Math & Science Awards: Pre-Algebra-Rosemary Trautman. Top Algebra 1-Stellina Laurino. Top Geometry-Jessica Riener. Top Algebra II-Rebekah Bruner. Precalculus-Kaden Perrin. Chemistry-Shaney Perrin. PTE Math-Torin Dalgliesh. Physical Science-Whitney Sonnen. Biology-Daun Hoene. Advanced Biology-Megan Sigler. Natural Science-Christopher Hoene. US Air Force Top Math-Megan Sigler. US Air Force Top Science-Kade Perrin.
Rodeo Awards: 4-year pin – MaKayla Schaeffer; 3-year pins – Kelsie Tidwell and Callie Mader
Spanish Awards: Outstanding Spanish I student: Emily McHugh. Outstanding Spanish II student: Megan Sigler.
Knowledge Bowl Awards: Josh Zigler, most points. Members: Zigler, Josh Roeper, Christopher Hoene, Westin Crenshaw, Kyle Uhlenkott, Claire Whitley, Samantha Keating, Beth Dinning, Emily McHugh, Heidi Holubetz, Justin Schmidt, Ashley Cannon.
Quilting Awards: Pins & Needles, most improved: Kirstin Latimer and Jessica Leonard. Needle & Thread-New Generation Quilters: Stellina Laurino, Marina Evans, Taylor Nuxoll. Golden Needle & Thread-Top Quilter: Monica Lustig and Kelsey Tidwell.
American Citizenship Award (NASSP): Breanna Bianchi, Samantha Keating, Demetria Riener, Megan Sigler, Alexandru Stefan, Kyle Uhlenkott, Joshwa Zigler.
President’s Academic Excellence: Mckenzie Candalot, Torin Dalgliesh, Samantha Keating, Troy Lorentz, Demetria Riener, Joshua Roeper, MaKayla Schaeffer, Megan Sigler, Amanda Stinson.
President’s Education Achievement: Savannah Moudy.
TSA – members: Matthew Jungert, Claire Whitley, Troy Lorentz, Joshua Roeper, Drew Cochran, Bryson Higgins and Hunter McWilliams.
Choir: Director’s Award: Logan Dahlen. Outstanding Underclassman: Rebekah Bruner. Most Improved: Rachel Falzon.
Band: John Phillip Sousa: Megan Sigler. Director’s Award: Mathew Jungert. Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Mckenzie Candalot. Outstanding Underclassman: Andrew Cochran and Stellina Laurino. Most Improved: Gabriel Angus.
Drama: Director’s Award: Joseph Goldmeer. Leading Actor: Tucker Stefan. Leading Actress: Martina Everson.
Governor’s Award: Megan Sigler.
Historian Award: Kaden Perrin.
The “Prize”: Megan Sigler.
Citizenship Awards: Megan Sigler and Joshua Roeper.

Youth basketball camp planned
The Prairie High School boy’s basketball staff will be conducting the 3rd annual Camas Prairie Youth Basketball Camp.
This will take place at Prairie Elementary School from June 25-28. The camp is open to incoming 3rd through 8th grade girls and boys.
The girls session will run from 4:00-6:30 and the boys session will be from 7:00-9:30 p.m. 
The cost for the camp is $55.00. Camp registration forms can be picked up at St. Mary’s Clinic locations of you can register by phone by calling Teel or Kellie Bruner at 962-5542. There is no registration deadline by early registration is encouraged.

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