Local district among first to get laptops
Cottonwood is one of five north central Idaho school districts and one charter school to get laptop computers next year as part of the One-to-One Initiative.  Beginning fall of 2013 students at Prairie High School will receive mobile computing devices creating a 1:1 ratio of students and teachers to computers.
Prairie High School currently has a ratio of 1 computer for every 2 1/2  students.  The computers are located in labs and some in classrooms.  With the mobile devices available for every student in any room they are in, this is an advantage for every student and a guarantee for every teacher that a computer is available for students whenever it is needed.  Cottonwood School District will be a model for other districts as our high school moves into implementation of the devices.  
High school teachers will get laptops beginning fall of 2012.  Intensive professional development will take place beginning fall of 2012.  Cottonwood School District is fortunate to have Jeff Martin chosen to be a professional development trainer for the State of Idaho.  Jeff teaches Technology, PE and Social Studies at Prairie Junior/Senior High.

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